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Efficient heating units, to fit every home. Installed and guaranteed by our experienced specialists.

Find the Right Boiler for You from The Local Boiler Company

Every boiler transforms a house into a home, through providing you with vital heat and comfort during the colder months. That’s why we offer Combi, Conventional, and System boilers to fit every property. All boilers sold and installed through The Local Boiler Company come with a manufacturer-backed warranty. Peace of mind, for up to ten years.

We also believe in offering quality, durable heating systems to our customers, not stopgap solutions. While we don’t sell the cheapest boilers, we offer affordable, well-built units at fair and reasonable prices. Our fixed-price system stops you from being ripped off, so you can be assured that you’re paying the right amount for what’s on the invoice.

Nevertheless, we’re still highly competitive with our pricing. Our combi boiler installation rates make them the most cost-effective heating system currently available in the UK.

Our advisers can help to work out which is the best system for your home through our on-site assessment and quote scheme (free of charge). We’ll aim to get a great balance between heating strength, cost, and environmental impact. You could significantly reduce your water and heating costs through our services, in particular through the installation of one of our condensing boilers (which operate at c.90% efficiency). Ask about our money saving strategies today.

The Local Boiler Company also offers emergency boiler repair replacement, for if your heating system breaks or ages beyond use. Please call or email us, and we’ll set up a meeting to assess any damage and come up with a solution as soon as we can.

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What Type of Boiler do I Need?

There are three major types of household and medium-range boilers that we can fit for you – Combination (Combi), Conventional, and System. To find out which one is best for your property, book a consultation from us (free or charge) or visit our boiler guide page. We’ll make sure you get a decent fixed-price quote, whatever option you end up choosing.

Why Should you Choose Us to Install your Boiler?

  • Our fixed-price quotations.
  • Our market-leading guarantees, which can last for up to ten years.
  • We’ll leave your home or business clean, undamaged, and tidy, as we found it.
  • You’ll be supporting local, experienced professionals.
  • We offer full clean-up and a full system cleanse (or flush) services in the price of every installation we perform.