Boiler Type Guide

What type of boiler would best suit your home?

Choosing the right Heating system is essential, there are three main types that may suit you and your property.

  • Combi
  • Conventional
  • System

For The Local Boiler Company to give you a fixed price and choose the right system we need to visit the property to provide a free no obligation quote.

Combi Boilers Explained

  • Combi boilers are the UK’s most popular type of boiler
  • Hot water for your taps and central heating system is supplied directly from the boiler unit.
  • Ideal for smaller homes and homes with one bathroom.


  • Provides limitless hot water on demand.
  • Can be an economical option, as combi boilers only heat the water you use.
  • A great space-saving solution with no need for a separate cold water tank or hot water cylinder.
  • Installation may be quicker as there are fewer parts in a combi central heating system.


  • Depending on your mains water pressure, the flow of hot water could be reduced if you’re using more than one tap at the same time.
  • Water can sometimes take a few seconds to heat up.

Conventional Boilers Explained

  • Conventional boilers are also known as regular or heat-only boilers.
  • They send heated water to your radiators and a hot water cylinder.
  • Better suited to larger homes, especially those with more than one bathroom.


  • Can provide hot water to more than one tap at the same time.
  • An electrical immersion heater can be fitted to the hot water cylinder as a back-up, should your boiler breakdown.


  • Space is required for a hot water cylinder and a cold water tank which is usually located in the loft.
  • You’ll need programmable controls to heat the water in the cylinder, so it’s ready for when you need it.
  • Hot water is limited to the capacity of the cylinder, so if it runs out you’ll need to wait until it heats up again.

System Boilers Explained

  • System boilers work in a similar way to conventional boilers but have some external parts built-in.
  • There’s no need for a separate feed and expansion tank usually located in the loft.
  • Ideal for larger homes and homeowners who want extra storage space in their loft.


  • Hot water can be supplied to more than one tap at the same time.
  • An electrical immersion heater can be fitted to the hot water cylinder, so you’ll still have hot water should your boiler stop working.


  • To ensure hot water is available for when you need it, you’ll require programmable controls to heat your water in advance.
  • If you choose a mains-fed hot water cylinder, you won’t require a cold water tank in the loft.

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