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Boiler Replacement Somerset

Thinking of getting your boiler replaced this summer? If you’ve got an ancient boiler chugging away in your airing cupboard, the chances are it’s seeping away those precious pennies.

In today’s day and age, everybody is looking to save money on their energy bills. While buying a new boiler might seem a lot of hassle, it’s a long term investment you won’t regret. Since boilers account for around 55% of your energy bills, an A-rated boiler makes a huge difference. In fact replacing a G-rated with an A-rated one could save you at least £340 a year.

Modern condensing boilers are more efficient because they lose less heat and burn fuel more efficiently. When considering a new boiler, you must take into account several factors: the amount of space in your home, your hot water usage (smaller households are better off with a combi boiler) and your fuel type.

For boiler replacement in Somerset, simply head to The Local Boiler Company. Our aim is to give customers the most competitive prices, without ever compromising on quality. With over 99% of customers rating us as ‘excellent’, it’s safe to say we practice what we preach.

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